Sewer Repair and Video Inspection
Kennesaw Sewer Repair and Video Inspection

Call this Kennesaw plumbing contractor at 404-793-7887 for top shelf sewer repair and video inspection services. These cutting edge optics can pinpoint and diagnose sewer problems without ever digging. It can locate and in some cases removing the obstruction in the same manner.

Kennesaw sewer repair emergency plumbers do this by cutting out the obstruction with an attachment on the camera. In some cases these inspections reveal a more serious response. We have many methods that minimize the impact on your lawn, while removing the obstruction or replacing the damaged pipes.

Trenchless Sewer Repair in Kennesaw

While the video sewer inspection is a useful tool to diagnose and treat some forms of obstruction in your sewers, there are times when a length of pipe must be repaired or replaced more directly. Our Kennesaw sewer repair plumbers can do this without laying open a large trench in your lawn. In most cases it requires only two small holes to be dug. In the case of a new pipe being needed we can employ what is called pipe-bursting to destroy and replace an existing pipe. When it has only sprung a few leaks we can reline a pipe to extend its life. both methods have a minimal impact on your landscaping and are quite affordable.

In some cases we cannot use either of these methods, and must resort to the full montey. Our Kennesaw sewer repair plumbers do it as a last resort, but we always go forward with the utmost regard for your property. We employ all our skill and dexterity to ensure that we do not cause more harm than help and we restore your lawn as best we can. We realize that you may not be thrilled that we had to tear up your yard, but running water in your home is a much better option than winning the neighborhood lawn competition.